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Advertising Campaigns- Your identity is strong, your product or service is awesome! But we hope people don’t forget about you! The competition is always growing and sometimes you need to take an extra step to keep your business growing. Marketing campaigns, Advertising campaigns, Fundraisers/Dinners, Chinese auctions or even a simple email blast: these are just some ways you keep the consumer engaged in your company and they don’t allow them to forget about you. People nowadays tend to have VERY short memories especially with the ever growing competitive market. Call us to see how LMNO Marketing Solutions can help you maximize your campaign’s potential.


Social Media- The world’s greatest marketing tool! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (among others) have given businesses such as yours the perfect opportunity to get your name OUT THERE. Don’t be foolish and underestimate the power of social media. Some business owners might not know the first thing about social media, while others may not know how to use it effectively, and some business owners simply don’t have the time to “play” around with online marketing and social media. It’s for those reasons you should reach out to LMNO Marketing Solutions so we can help you set up, manage and teach you how to make the most of social media marketing.

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